(SKX) Dark Blade

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(SKX)Dark Blade
Saber Single
Style (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location GA, USA
Padawans Trad Redav, Shang Chi, Jello`, Avean, koushka, Karlin Duke, Katan, Tallepyon

(SKX)Dark Blade was a former Jedi Academy Master at the Jedi Academy, before he retired. (SKX) was the clan tag from his old clan, that died a long time ago. The tag now is just a remembrance to that clan.

Dark Blade, usually just called DB, was the co-founder of the original Jedi Academy Aurochs, that was focussed on Hydroball/Blitzball.

His Classes were primarily focussed on alternate gametypes like CTF and the JKII Saga conversion. He is also known as a Siege specialist.

(SKX)Dark Blade is currently retired and attends John Hopkins University.