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Saber Single
Style Form III, Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location St. Louis, MO, USA
Padawans BDKawika, Anubis, SilkMonkey, Deqlyn
"It's not about the frags, it's about not dying. Score a hit and don't get hit. The frags come in due time."
— 3th

3th is no longer a Jedi Academy Trainer and has retired from Jedi Academy as well as the Aurochs. He is currently in the Jedi Academy's Hall of Fame. He is a hybrid-style single saberist with an emphasis on the use of timing and delays. He has been involved in JK3 since late 2003.



3th played JK3 less than a week before joining the Academy, which he joined the first week of October of 2003. He became the padawan of Aphex and learned a classic heavy red stance from him. 3th was a slow but steady learner and became a proficient fighter with a lot of hard work and patience. During this early period of his JA career, 3th became a member of Aphex's newly resurected Jedi Academy Aurochs.

Becoming a Knight

In the summer of 2004, 3th was trialed and became a Jedi Academy Knight. His clever fighting style had elevated him into the top percentiles of fighters in the Academy. As a Knight, 3th was admired for both his cool head in tough situations and his well practiced teaching style. 3th played a major role in reinstating the Aurochs with the help of Jaiko D'Kana (a JAT at The Jedi Academy), Janus, and Tido - both also Knights at the time.

Filling Aphex's Shoes

The reins of the Aurochs were passed from Jaiko, then on to Janus, who when he stepped down appointed 3th the new captain. 3th worked to build a closely knit group of clever fighters and with the help of the team he succeeded. Under his leadership, the Aurochs reached new heights in activity and beat some of the toughest teams/clans out there.

The Trainer

Shortly after being reinstated to Knight from the purge at the Academy, 3th was promoted to Jedi Academy Trainer. He taught a class on TFFA basics and a class for saber mechanics. These classes are now covered by Jade Jedi and Vision.