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Saber Standard
Style Hybrid, Clean
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy (Retired Knight)
Gender Male
Location Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Padawans Leif, 3th, Quiet Guardian, Majno

Retired Jedi Academy Knight and Captain of the TFFA/CTF Aurochs.

Aphex joined the Jedi Academy in 2002-2003(somewhere in there). He didn't really know a whole lot about JK2, but that's exactly why he came to the Academy. He met a bunch of great people, and had a lot of fun. The Jedi Instructor, Zero, took Aphex on as a Padawan, and taught him all kinds of things, especially light and dark force techniques. They got along famously, just kickin it at the Academy with his other 2 Padawans, Grem Reaper and Doppelganger.

After a while, Aphex decided that he pretty much knew everything, so he decided to go off and join a clan, Kiith Draconis, with his fellow Padawans Grem and Dopp. That was a fun time for Aphex, and it was where he got his taste for competitiveness within the JK2 arena, and also developed his skill in instruction, as he was quickly promoted to Lead Instructor for the clan.

During that time, there was a big beef throw-down between Aphex and the HeadGuy of the clan. That led to Aphex leaving, because Aphex does not like to be oppressed. But that's a whole other story...

He had heard that his old Master, Zero, had returned after his mysterious disappearance, so Aphex mozied on back to the Academy to see what was up. That led to him sticking around for a while, taking classes, etc. He was promoted to JAK later on, and held many classes on movement, team strategy, and full force standard saber technique. He also had some Padawans of his own...which were pretty much the greatest JK players in the world. They were Leif, Quiet Guardian, 3th, and Majno.

Then, he joined the US Army, and unfortunately, that left him with little time to play video games.

Now he is out of the Army, and as a student enjoys ample time for MMOs. So just like everyone else, he is currently awaiting the release of SW:TOR