Autuus Grimclaw

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Autuus Grimclaw
Saber Single
Style Clean Red Stance
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, Grimclaw, No Surrender
Gender Male
Location Newfoundland, Canada
Master Kaldør Grimclaw

Autuus joined the Jedi Academy the day that he installed JKA back in August, 2008. He is a real-life friend of Kaldør's and also studies under him.

Autuus was one of the founding fathers of the Grimclaw family. The question regarding him being in the first generation of the family can be answered very simply; Autuus was one of the three that formed the family, but he did not fulfill his role because he retired right after the faimly was created. Autuus is very helpful, smart, skilled with the single saber and a kind person. His name is a Finnish word for "Glory".

Recently, he has changed his name to "Sigma" and joined the No Surrender clan.