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Darthmaul1 b.jpg
Saber Single
Style Form IV, Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, JASE
Gender Male
Location The Netherlands
Padawans None

D@RtHM@UL has been a Student at the Jedi Academy since February 2003. He's a Single Saber user, using both Red and Yellow Stance while duelling.

D@RtHM@UL was the winner of the Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament of 2003, where he defeated the winner of the USA Division, YinYang, in some challenging Full-Force and No-Force duels.

Former padawan to Silent Whisper and Odan-Wei Belouve.

Though he doesn't mind duelling, he prefers playing the gametypes Capture The Flag and Siege, the Disruption Mod or use guns.

Known for his frequent name/avatar changes!

He has moved on from the Jedi Knight series, and currently plays PlanetSide when he has the time for it.