Detonation Pack

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Det pack.gif
Detonation Pack
Manufacturer Unknown
Ammunition Pack of 3 Detonation Packs
Max Ammo Capacity 10
Primary Fire Placing the packs
Secondary Fire Detonating the packs
Default Key -
Damage Info (100hp/0sh)
Primary Fire Dmg 100 HP / Kill
Secondary Fire Dmg N/A

Detonation Packs are small explosive devices that are activated remotely. Up to ten packs can be placed at a time. Packs are most affective in small, closed-in areas where enemies can not avoid the detonation. Often packs are placed just beyond doorways to ambush the enemy before he has a chance to see them. Packs are placed using the primary fire key and detonated with the secondary fire key. While ten packs can be placed at a time, pressing the secondary fire key will detonate all packs that have been placed at the same time. Detonation Packs can also be detonated prematurely by any projectile, and will self-destruct after 30 seconds.