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Saber Single
Style Hybrid between Yellow and Red stance. Plays using a mixture of exploits and clean fighting.
Affiliation(s) No Surrender
Gender Male
Location Ottawa, Canada
Master None, he is The Master.
Padawans Kaldør Grimclaw, Deathbringer, Tigress

How it all started

Elm received JK2 as a gift for Christmas and started playing right away. He had been playing JK2 with his friends at elementary school before he owned it and loved the gameplay (especially the online multiplayer).

Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast (JK2)

Elm started out in JK2 as a newb and didn't know how to do a lot of things (especially a simple red DFA). He asked around and people showed him the red DFA as well as other moves. Elm was known as MasterElm in-game and kept this name for most of his JKA gaming days. JK2 was very active at this time. Elm once met a good friend in JK2 who showed him how to perform a lot of attacks (temporary master). The master's name has been forgotten as it was so long ago. There was this one time when the master followed Elm into a server and asked what Elm was doing on this particular server. Elm asked why it was odd and the trainer replied saying he knew these people and that they were not ones that got along too well. They both proceeded to defend themselves against enemy attacks on the server, but shortly left afterwards. The master/trainer disappeared one day and Elm was not able to ever find him again as he probably moved on from JK2. Elm roamed servers as a clanless player and started wondering if he should begin looking for one himself. He was hesitant of course. One day, Elm successfully passed his duel test to join a clan, but quickly withdrew that option as he did not feel he was ready yet. Elm then took many breaks from JK2 and eventually JK3 came out.

The Beginning of Jedi Academy (JK3)

Elm started playing JK3 about a year after it came out and roamed around many random servers. He and his younger brother, known as Chubbs_Master, went from server to server (JA+) and were involved in many FFAs as well as drama. They caused trouble to other clans for being somewhat childish and an act known as "laming". Elm and his brother rarely went to Full Force servers. They mainly stayed in the FFA no force section and did many duels as well. The pair split up once Elm joined JE:SE. Chubbs_Master stopped playing JK3 shortly later as his interest in it dwindled.

Jedi Elders : Sith Empire

In the summer of 2006, Elm came across a JA+ MP clan called Jedi Elders:Sith Empire, known as JE:SE, and met the leader, Stryder. Elm applied to JE:SE and was accepted shortly later. Stryder and Elm quickly became good friends as Elm worked up the ranks all the way to Leader as well. Elm led JE:SE along Stryder, Darkshot, and Darklord for about 6 months until he grew tired of the JA+ MP side of fighting, as well as the lack of maturity in the clan. Elm seeked something bigger and more mature to get better.

Everybody Dies

In the winter of 2006, Elm joined what is up to this point the best clan ever as a member, =Everybody Dies=, AKA =EbD=. Elm left JE:SE abruptly, but Stryder understood and knew it was coming. When Elm applied for =EbD=, other members such as Lenne and Sentinal applied at around the same time period and they eventually became good friends. When Elm first joined =EbD=, it didn't take long for him to develop a bad relationship with Master_Ares. Arguments revolved around Elm being too close with Stryder, as well as removing the "Master" portion from "MasterElm" because visitors thought Elm was a leader. Even though =EbD= did not have ranks, they were a fun, active, base clan that trained daily in TFFA. Elm was trained mainly by YoungPrince in TFFA tactics, and MasterApop/Frustration in saber skills. Elm developed his yellow from Apop and has been very grateful for that. Elm eventually got on good terms with Master_Ares and accepted eachother as brothers in the clan. =EbD= did many TFFAs versus other base clans such as Voltage, Savior, Wovian, New Imperial Order, next Generation, nse and even JA+ oriented clans such as Elite Sith Saberists, The Syndicate, Dark Lords of the Sith, and JAWA. During this time, Sentinal and Elm developed a lot of chemistry and became a great 2v2 team (known as the Dream Team). They often challenged members of their own clan to 2v2's and even beat good base clans with their teamwork. Elm eventually worked up to the rank of a Master and regained his former name "MasterElm" after being in the clan for over a year. At this time, =EbD= was a shell of what it formerly was, as it was running for 8 years straight (since JK2). It became very inactive and shortly after Elm regained his full name, he left for good (after leaving/being kicked from the clan numerous times). =EbD= was a clan that was clean and did not use exploits, until an altercation happened between Elm and YoungPrince, where Elm was caught using exploits on the =EbD=MurderHall server and Prince (after asking him to stop many tiems) kicked Elm from the clan. This caused a big disturbance in the clan. Apop (one of the three leaders) was also an exploiter, and talked about their rules with YoungPrince and Master_Ares. They finally came up with a new rule where you could only exploit versus people that exploit, but can't exploit versus those who don't. This convinced Elm to rejoin, but as said above, the clan became very inactive and Elm made his final decision to leave. As of this day, Elm is still regarded as an =EbD= member, even if he is not currently with them. Elm made many new friends in =EbD= including Blade (now known as Hero), Kapkin, Kira, Sentinal, Apop, Hades, YoungPrince, Master_Ares and Lenne, in which some of them came into play later into Elm's future.

Post =EbD=

After Elm left =EbD=, he was clanless for a little while. He considered joining KR (Knights Reborn) because Kira joined it and was eventually invited to join it. Elm then posted an application on their site and spent about a week as an initiate (being observed on the server), He thought JA+ MP is what would help him get interested in JK3 again, but a little over 2 weeks of playing the MOD made Elm sick of it once again. He withdrew his application from KR and looked elsewhere.

next Generation

Elm eventually joined Kapkin's base clan called "next Generation". Kapkin left =EbD= to make nG because he felt he wasn't contributing a lot to =EbD= and wanted a bigger role. Elm had fun in nG, but knew that he didn't fit too well either. The site wasn't very active and a lot of their members were immature. In this clan, he met Ethrael, who will come into play later as well. Elm spent 2-4 weeks in nG before posting his resignation. Lenne, who had joined Elm in nG also resigned at around the same time as the clan was going downhill (Kapkin became inactive because of real life issues). JediKnightJ did not hold the clan up too well, so when Kapkin came back, the clan was a total mess, but Kapkin still put in the effort to make it what it once was before he became MIA.

Disciplined Saberists

Disciplined Saberists was a team created by Elm and Ghost (from SOTL) that participated in base TFFAs. This was made around the time Elm was in nG. Elm and Ghost were an odd pairing because of their past. =EbD= challenged SOTL to a TFFA one night and Ghost rejected Elm and Apop's challenge by kicking the two from the server (banning them). Elm then reported this to =EbD= and they challenged SOTL to a TFFA. SOTL accepted and =EbD= came out victorious, and then posted screenshots from the night where Ghost banned Apop and Elm to show why they wanted the TFFA. Ghost replied with more anger saying they were nubs for being happy about beating SOTL's noob players (because Ghost wasn't in the TFFA). =EbD= once again challenged them, but were rejected. Ghost came onto the =EbD= servers and also insulted them by calling them "nubs" and causing drama. About a month later, Ghost changed his attitude and actually sincerely apologized to all =EbD=, but mainly Elm. After that, Ghost earned Elm's trust and they 2v2'ed together for a short time period. They then created the Ч team and it was very successful until the summer of 2008, when it died because TetraHydro/Ghost became inactive and has not since returned. It was here that Elm met Emp/Aucrod for the first time and started his training. Lenne and Ethrael/Basics were also members of the team.

Elite Sith Saberists

After Elm left nG, Kagero recruited Elm into ESS. This did not last long however. Elm was involved in the Cyan Division with Kagero, Frost, Emp, and other basers. This was the time when ESS was trying to switch to base and even created a Base Division. Elm applied to lead this group, but Voyage was appointed; however, the division died shortly later. ESS was very chaotic and hostile. Elm was in ESS for about 2-3 weeks until he left it for Beyond.


In the winter of 2008, Elm joined b3yond, a base clan created by Shoxy/Golan. Here, he met Squall, Method, and was reacquainted with Hero (Blade). Beyond focused mainly on TFFAs and did many matches, however it dissolved when Shoxy made it into a "community".

Return to =EbD=

Elm returned to =EbD= because he felt like it was his only true home. He knew he would not feel comfortable in a clan he joined, so he started talking with Hero about creating a new base clan. Elm's return to =EbD= was short because the clan was the same as it was...inactive, but he knew this before he re-joined.

no Surrender

Elm finally created his own clan alongside Hero and Kapkin. Elm left =EbD=, Hero left Master, and Kapkin left nG in order to focus their attention on creating an amazing base clan. From there, nS was born in the Fall of 2008. However, nS was not the initial name. It was first named Dynasty, but Kapkin was not too fond of the name. It was then changed to no Surrender. They wanted a theme name and no Surrender was perfect. It reminded them to never give up and to persist through rough times. nS has recruited many members as of today and continues to grow under the strong leadership of Elm, Hero, and Kapkin.

Departure from JKA

He rq.

Return to JKA

he returned.