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A family is a close group of Members at The Jedi Academy, usually formed because of Master and Padawan relationship, or just friendship. The family tradition was created in 2002 by Huxley and Eclipse, who formed the D'Kana family to keep the link between Master and Padawans active.

Currently Active Families

The D'Kana Family

The D'Kana family is the oldest and largest family in the JA. Formed back in 2002, the D'Kana family has had twenty-three members in total. Current active family members include Jedi Academy Master Jaiko D'Kana.

The Belouve Family

Ulic Belouve formed the Belouves for similar reasons as the D'Kanas after Bubu and Damon C Belouve were chosen as Padawans. Although they went through a period of inactivity, the Belouve family now notably includes Jedi Academy Knight Roan Belouve and his Padawans.

The Hat Family

The most recent family to be formed in the Jedi Academy (Created by Kensei in Late 2005), The Hat Family are not known as much for Master/Padawan relationships as they are for having fun. The six current members are Kensei, Senor Hat, SilkMonkey, Badgerjedi, Tarpman and Henkes, all of which are currently active members.

The Jowol Family

Carda Jowol founded the Jowol family as a means to teach Red stance to his many padawans. Starting with Raziel Jowol he sought to teach his unique style of combat not only to his padawans at the Jedi Academy, but to members of the NJO clan where he held the rank of Jedi Scholar. Current active Jowol members include Liso Jowol, Ni'Ran Jowol, Ikoon Jowol and Wolfy Jowol

The Mintaka Family

The Mintaka Family was formed somewhat recently in the Jedi Academy by Pink Mintaka and Raydoe Mintaka. Some of the members include Rin Mintaka, Kenshin Mintaka, and more.

The GrimclaW Family