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Force Powers are a big addition to the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game, both in Single Player as in Multi Player.

There are 16 Force Powers in Multi Player, classed in 3 different sides, namely:

Dark Side and Light Side Powers can only be used by their respective Sides, meaning Dark Side Powers are only available to Dark Side Users, and vice versa for Light Side Powers.*

Neutral Powers can be used by either Side.

Force Rankings

There are 7 Force Ranks. The Server Administrator can select one of the 7 Ranks, which will grant a certain amount of Force Points that player can use on Force Powers.

The Ranks are:

  • Initiate - 5 Force Points
  • Padawan - 10 Force Points
  • Jedi - 20 Force Points
  • Jedi Adept - 30 Force Points
  • Jedi Guardian - 50 Force Points
  • Jedi Knight - 75 Force Points
  • Jedi Master - 100 Force Points

Force Power Selection

Each Force Power has 3 Levels, with each level giving additional features to that Power. This can be by lowering the Force costs required to use the Power, increasing the duration of the Power, giving more control over the Power, or something else.

Each power and each level of that power has it's own point requirement. Some Force Powers have lower point requirements than others.

  • For example:

The maximum level of Force Grip requires a total of 10 Force Points, while Force Lightsaber Throw requires a total of 18 Force Points.

There are 3 Force Powers that have a 'free' Level, those are Force Jump, Force Lightsaber Offense and Force Lightsaber Defense. These Powers require 0 Force Points to attain Level 1.