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Game where all Force Powers are enabled.

Common RCON Commands

g_forceBasedTeams 1/0 If set to 1, then the red team will be restricted to using the Dark Side, and the blue team will be restricted to using the Light Side.

g_forcePowerDisable Nothing is disabled if set to 0. All force powers are disabled if set to 262143. The number is the total of a bitfield with 15 bits, each bit representing a force power. 163837 for jump, offence and defense only.

other useful bit values for /g_forcepowerdisable include

   * 0=All Forces Enabled
   * 1=Heal (Light)
   * 2=Jump
   * 4=Speed
   * 8=Push
   * 16=Pull
   * 32=Mind Trick (Light)
   * 64=Grip (Dark)
   * 128=Lightning (Dark)
   * 256=Dark Rage (Dark)
   * 512=Protect (Light)
   * 1024=Absorb (Light)
   * 2048=Team Heal (Light, TFFA and CTF game modes only)
   * 4096=Team Energize (Dark, TFFA and CTF game modes only)
   * 8192=Drain (Dark)
   * 16384=Seeing
   * 32768=Saber Attack (Forces use, doesn't disable)
   * 65536=Saber Defend
   * 131072=Saber Throw
   * 262143=All Forces Disabled

g_forceRegenTime 200-0Specifies the force regeneration rate. Players will regain 1 force point every x milliseconds, where x is the value of this cvar. Default is 200.