Golan Arms FC1 Flechette

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Golan Arms FC1 Flechette
Manufacturer Golans Arms
Ammunition Metallic Bolt
Max Ammo Capacity 300
Primary Fire Flak Burst
Secondary Fire 2 lobbed grenades
Default Key 8
Damage Info (100hp/0sh)
Primary Fire Dmg 50 HP
Secondary Fire Dmg 100 HP / Kill

Used by Imperial Stormtrooper Officers, the Flechette is a very deadly weapon. The Flechette uses Metallic Bolt Ammunition, like the Imperial Heavy Repeater and the Stouker Concussion Rifle.

Primary Fire

The Flechette's primary fire is shooting a large amount of metallic bolts similar to a Shotgun. The closer to your enemy, the more damage, because more of the bolts will hit the target.

Secondary Fire

In secondary fire the Flechette shoots 2 metallic bolt grenades, that bounce of solid objects. These grenades are very powerful, and also deal splash damage, so it's advised to use it from a bit of a distance, to prevent self-damage.