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A Dark Jedi lifting a Jedi off the ground with Force Grip
Force Grip Symbol

Force Grip is one of the 5 Dark Side Powers available in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

Force Grip is activated by holding the crosshair over your opponent, and than pressing the 'Grip Key'.


  • Level 1
    • Cost: 1 Point
    • Benefit: Using the Force, the target is lifted off the ground, rendered immobile. The user has to remain stationary while using Force Grip.
  • Level 2
    • Cost: 3 Points
    • Benefit: The same affect as Level 1, except the target will also take small amounts of damage.
  • Level 3
    • Cost: 6 Points
    • Benefit: Same as Level 2, but the user can now walk around aswell as swing/rotate the target opponent. Damage is also greatly increased, and keeps increasing over time.

Practical Uses

Force grip can be used in many ways to make it more versatile and effective.

Force grip can be used to throw your enemy accross the room or even in to a pit. To do this, quickly move your mouse in the upper diagonal direction you wish to throw your enemy. Release your grip or force key right after that, and your opponent will go flying in the air a good distance away. This can be used to causes fall damage, throw your opponent in a pit, or get some distance from your foe.

Force grip can also be used to deal some major damage to your opponent if they do not have force absorb. To prevent them from being able to push or pull you, you can swing your mouse extremely fast in random directions. They will not be able to target you to push or pull on you. Also if you have the force, you can jump too to cause an even more difficult situation for your enemy.


Force Grip can be countered in numerous ways.

Light Side users can use Force Absorb to convert the Grip attack into Force Points for themselves.

Force Push and Force Pull can also counter Force Grip, using one of these two powers will release you from the Grip attack. You will need to have your crosshair over or close to the opponent for Grip to be released however.