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Saber Single
Style Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy (Retired)
Gender Male
Location Northern California
Padawans None

Icco, or Nat as a few know him, joined the Jedi Academy in September 2001. He was very involved in the JA for two years and then slowly left the game as he moved to a new city and got involved in High School. He pops in from time to time inserting his opinions and knowledge and fun little, "i remember when" stories. His saber style is unusual, and very heavy on techniques from JK2. He prefers a large usage of blue techniques and yellow finishes to destroy opponents. But on that note, his skill has degraded heavily over the years and now is active mainly for the social aspect of the community.

Some Facts:

  • He is quite proud of his user number, 684
  • he runs PseudoWeb.Net, a personal blog.
  • His JA Profile
  • Two most known words are "Huzzah" and "Oi"