Imperial Heavy Repeater

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Heavy repeater.gif
Imperial Heavy Repeater
Manufacturer Unknown
Ammunition Metallic Bolt
Max Ammo Capacity 300
Primary Fire Rapid fire
Secondary Fire Lobbed Concussion Blast
Default Key 6
Damage Info (100hp/0sh)
Primary Fire Dmg 10-20 HP
Secondary Fire Dmg 50-90 HP (Depends on range)

A great all-around weapon, the Heavy Repeater is capable of delivering a barage of bolts and causing splash damage with large blasts of energy.

Primary Fire

The Heavy Repeater's primary fire mode is rapidly firing metal bullets fired in a wide area. The fire is spread enough so that it cannot be completely defended by a Jedi's lightsaber and cannot be deflected accurately. However, the bolts do little damage and do not have enough power to stop most enemies.

Secondary Fire

The secondary fire of the Repeater is especially dangerous. A large concussion blast, secondary fire inflicts heavy damage and has a medium range. Because of the large amount of Ammunition each blast takes, secondary fire can last awhile in a firefight and is the prefered usage of the weapon. It is especially effective because the splash damage means the gunner only needs to land the projectile in close proximity to his opponent to cause damage.