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Jedi Academy Society of Excellence

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A student run community started by FaDed, Darth-Mobility, and Jedi_Prodigy. The JASE was made to put in place to add a fun factor to the JA that was missing during that period of time. The JASE was also ran by Virtue and Cloakedthunder. Jedi_Prodigy still to this day claims thats the JASE had full responsiblity for Virtue becoming a council member, stating their sexiness added to Virtues overall pwnage.

What was the JASE?

The Jedi Academy Society of Excellence is a division of the Jedi Academy devoted to excellence and those who pursue it. JASE is founded on the belief that students should be recognized for their efforts and abilites. Students selected into JASE are well respected, good mannered, and skilled in all areas of the game Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Because of these qualites, these students are considered to be the best in the academy and deserving of recognition.

JASE also acts as a student government within the JA. Both members and nonmembers of JASE can discuss matters involving student to student matters using the JASE forum. Student opinion guides and directs the progress of JASE.

JASE is run by students for students. By allowing students to be seen and heard by those around them, JASE is intended to keep students enrolled in the JA active and happy.

Farewell Quotes

"And With that, We the JASE are closing our doors. We have had a great time and are very happy with how you, the JASE & JA community have brought smiles and joy into the lives of others. We have succeeded in our goal of bringing to light wonderful people and helping students reach their potential and gain the hard earned recognition they deserve.

Thank you to this Wonderful Jedi Academy for allowing us to come and do our best to make a difference in the lives of all JAS who were willing to participate and gain from us.

A special thanks to all of you who devoted your time specifically to make the JASE what has become. Your dedication is much appreciated and we could not have done it with out you.

Great luck to all and remember the code of honor." -Darth-Mobility

"I remember when we 1st started the JASE and it had nothing but bad reviews, many who gave the bad reviews would be seen having a blast on our server flyin in KOTOR, or fighting the rancor, we were all about fun, pure and simple, while we had our own systems and every1 in was recognized skilled players, membership only was a way to organize the fun, every1 was always welcome, and thank all that enjoyed every inch of fun we tried to provide, i know i had fun doing it, THANK YOU ALL JASE MEMBERS, it was blast. Also out of this i made a lot of friends, i was already friends with Moby and Faded when we started this so to the both of them, thanks for everything, we accomplished more than we dreamed about, CT the second half of the BAD BOYS of Muerte Rojo, another true friend, Virty, my tech buddy, ur the master, always busy, TAKE A VACATION U DESERVE IT. some other honorable meantions Flash, FA, DM, Aratan, Jello, Acey, YY, Smily (RULES!!), Talle, DW, HW, JK13, Katan, PJ, Silk, Chi, and Kueller thank you all for the fun times." - Jedi_Prodigy

"In the beginning I only saw JASE as an elitist group, when I started going to their forums I saw it was nothing like that. Students where given the chance to teach classes, and it's where I got some of my class-teachign experience. It also taught me more about handling troublemakes and a lot more that has led to me being better able to do my job as a JA member. I want to say thanks to all the people in the JASE that has made that possible, and that they will always be in my memory as people who have started something that was really important in a lot of students their minds." - Kueller

Mission Statement of the JASE

The purpose of the Jedi Academy Society of Excellence is to recognize individuals who are striving for excellence within the Jedi Academy. Students selected into JASE are highly respected among the JA by both students and trainers alike. Their job is to help, teach, and maintain. JASE students are always available if a student has a question or if a trainer is in need of an assistant. JASE students are knowledgeable and can share their knowledge in a clear, precise manner. JASE students are aware of student activities and will promptly report any violation of JA rules after negotiations fail.

JASE Organization

I. Founder

A. Oversees all JASE activity

B. Has final say in all JASE related matters

II. Co-Founders A. Assistants to the Founder

1. Advise and participate in all major decisions

B. Oversee and run all Commitees

1. Select and organize commitee members

III. Commitees A. Selection Commitee

1. Organize and run the selection process

2. Evaluate students

3. 5-10 Commitee members

B. Reports Commitee

1. Read and archive all student reports

2. 3-6 Commitee members

IV. Students A. Active members of the Jedi Academy

B. Submit weekly reports

JASE Rules

1. Follow all JA rules

2. Adhere to the JASE Code of Honor

3. Always tell the truth

4. Take responsibility for actions

5. Be on time to appointments

6. Make and keep promises

7. Respect students and trainers

8. Always more praise than critique

9. Do not brag or boast

10. Take suggestions with gratitude

11. Be open to questions

12. Know the answer

13. Always strive to become better

14. Be active in the Jedi Knight community

15. Continously train others

16. Always seek to develop relationships

17. Be skilled in all weapons and game modes

18. Develop a specialty

19. Fill out and submit weekly reports

20. Bring honor to the JA and JASE

Code of Honor

Commit Yourself To Excellence

Characteristics of Excellence: