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Saber Unknown
Style Unknown
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location Florida
Padawans None

JediSith999 is the founder of The Jedi Academy. After unsuccessfully posting on Lucasforums looking for a "Jedi Academy Training School" [1], he applied for space at [2] and sought the help of a webmaster [3] (massadoobie and DJ Sith) to build a website that would see instructors teach students, classes and padawans in an online school called "The Jedi Academy" [4]. Together they developed a website [5], setup some severs and hosted instructor applications [6]. Over time, the community began to build up, change and learn from its mistakes [7].

JediSith999's activity eventually began to reduce significantly and he made up the first of the Hall of Fame [8].

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