Jedi Academy Ranks

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The Jedi Academy has seven different ranks which are listed below, from lowest to highest.


Jedi Academy Student (JAS) is the basic rank which every accepted applicant adopts and in most cases keeps forever. Students are able to post comments, enroll in classes and play on the servers.


Jedi Academy Padawan (JAP) is an unofficial rank merely used to indicate that somebody is the official padawan of a staff member. They have no extra power or authority over students.


Jedi Academy Staff (JAStaff) perform specific functions for the academy. They have a limited amount of access to perform their particular function(s).


Jedi Academy Knight (JAK) help to form the bridge between the students and the upper-management. They have a limited amount of admin access to aid them in fulfilling their responsibilities, which include dealing with troublemakers, assisting and covering classes and providing information and training to other members.


Jedi Academy Trainer (JAT) have full admin access to aid them in fulfilling their additional responsibilities, which include teaching classes.


Jedi Academy Master (JAM) is an honorary JAT rank, earned for doing a lot of work and proving to have a unique level of knowledge about everything.


Jedi Academy Council (JAC) are the "leaders" of the Jedi Academy; they have the final vote in every matter and deal with everything from server and website maintenance to troublemakers.