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Saber Single
Style Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, The Jedi Order
Gender Male
Location Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Padawans Chicka, Arina D'Kana, Pheonix SoL, Kadago Marez

Plankcore (AKA JumpinJedi, ^Mike) is a Jedi Academy Student and former Knight, Trainer, and Staff member. He is also a Knight at The Jedi Order, one of the oldest Jedi Knight series clans in the community.

At the JA

Despite being a former Knight and Trainer, Plankcore has also been reknowned as somewhat of a troublemaker. Despite this, he has had numerous tenures in the Academy's staff, specialising in teaching red stance. He is also a JA radio DJ, and regularly posts on the forums

Outside the JA

Elsewhere in the JKA community, Plankcore is a Knight at the Jedi Order clan, specialising in policing it's server and forums, as well as private tuition in single saber.