Kain Sol

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Kain Sol
Saber Single, Duals, Staff
Style Yellow
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location Dublin, Ireland
Padawans none

Kain joined the academy in early December 2008. He started out as a total noob to the game. He was told he was too aggressive a fighter and would have to change his attitude towards fighting. He started training with several different students until finally after a month at The Jedi Academy a student named Cuthalion took him as his padawan and started serious yellow training with the young student. Although with great difficulty he is currently trying to teach himself to use staff and duals. Kain is the only known Irish player with The Academy and takes pride in that fact. He is known for his use of the Irish Language when he gets frustrated or annoyed, which is very rarely. Besides his master Cuthalion he has recieved alot of training form his good friends Zødiac and Zantus