Kaldør Grimclaw

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Icon defaultkaldør.jpg
Saber Single, Staff
Style Hybrid between Yellow and Red stance. Plays using a mixture of exploits and clean fighting.
Affiliation(s) No Surrender, The Jedi Academy, Grimclaw, NIO
Gender Male
Location Newfoundland, Canada
Master Elm
Padawans None

Kaldør joined the JA in 2007. He is a currently active member of the community, often playing on the Euro Fun server and coaxing people via IRC to come and join him. Kaldør is currently a Jedi Academy Student in the progress of perfecting his Medium and Strong stance technique.

The Start

Kaldør started playing JKA in early January, 2006. He began as a Dual user. Over time, Kaldør became good friends with another new player called NorwegianTerminator. After a few days of playing together, the two made a clan called NSE.

NSE was a very small and friendly clan. But, there were already two other clans under the same name. Due to this, Kaldør and NorwegianTerminator decided to rename the clan to "NIO; The New Imperial Order.

The New Imperial Order and Basejka

NIO was formed in 2006, and did not die out until December 23, 2008. Originally the clan started out by playing on Sparrow's, (a friend of Kaldør's) MakerMod server. After time, this did not work out well due to disputes about administrating the server, recruiting, etc. So NIO set up their own server, also MakerMod. Unlike most clans, NIO was not a building clan; Kaldør simply preferred MakerMod to JA+ and basejka due to being able to customize the map to make a more "clanly" feel. Kaldør spent a lot of his time building NIO and the MakerModded maps for the members. Eventually, due to problems with the saber system, Kaldør switched to ClanMod by request of a friend. By using ClanMod, he learned a lot about JKA; Kaldør had an interest in the modification abilities of the game. This eventually made him try out a completely unmodded server (basejka). It was a lot different, but Kaldør loved it greatly. He learned about basejka clans and communities, and this is how he found out about The Jedi Academy.

The Jedi Academy

Kaldør signed up at www.thejediacademy.net on July 4th, 2007. He quickly learned from some players there; notably Dash Starlight and Jaina D'Kana. Kaldør played on the JA servers on and off, sometimes frequently. The friendly community and experienced players were well-appreciated by him.

In August of 2008 Kaldør quit JKA. He did not enjoy the game anymore; it was "Filled with idiots and arrogant arseholes". This subsequently led to him quitting NIO, leaving his friend Stinger in charge of the clan. By January 2009, Kaldør returned to JKA and decided to make The JA his permanent home.

no Surrender

In early May, Kaldør met some people from nS while on the nS East server. As it turned out, he had already known Elm and Herø from past matches with EbD vs NIO. Since Kaldør was clanless and also wanting to learn, he put in an application to join. He successfully completed the trials and became a member of the clan.

In December 2009, he was appointed as a council member.

Other Info

-Kaldør met Zødiac at the JA in which he created a family with. They called themselves the Grimclaws. The Grimclaw family did not go very far due to Kaldør quitting JKA in August 2008. Recently they have been more active and are coming together.

-Kaldør hates JA+. He wishes death upon Slider.

-Kaldør is madly in love with Sauce. Very madly in love.

-The letter "Ø" in Kaldør's name is, indeed, an ø; It is not a fancy "o" that many players use in their name. Ø = Ö