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Saber Single
Style Soresu, Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location United Kingdom
Padawans Senor Hat, BadgerJedi, tarpman

JamesF1 (also known as Kensei) has been a Student at The Jedi Academy since mid-2002. He is a single saber user, utilizing all three main stances (red, yellow and blue) during duels in order to create a varied attack. From 2006 until 2009, James was a member of the Staff at The Academy.


Early Years

JamesF1 joined The Academy in 2002 as an active member of the community. His first training experiences were during casual encounters with Exar Kun, who taught James the benefits of red stance and basic duelling tactics. At the time, Exar Kun was not taking on any new padawans but recommended James to NofrikinfuN. James became a padawan of NofrikinfuN, along with The Duke and Narsil and enjoyed several months of training before NofrikinfuN's retirement from The Academy.

Following NofrikinfuN's retirement, James began searching for a new master to continue his training. During this period, Shannon took James on as his padawan alongside Monty. It was during this time that James became a much more rounded dueller, due to the varied saber techniques employed by his master. However, this was, once again, to be short-lived and James again lost an admired master to retirement. It was at this point that James felt the need to take a break from The Academy for a few months.

Declining Activity

When James returned, he was once again looking to improve his duelling skills and to have some regular training partners. Eclipse D'Kana had initially suggested James become his padawan but as Eclipse's activity decreased, this idea became less-and-less viable - though the two have remained close friends to this day. In spite of this setback, James' friend SmilyKrazy (at that time, a Jedi Academy Trainer) took him on as her padawan.

About this time, SaberWieldinCow and JamesF1 received special permission to teach a class of their own, based heavily around combat whilst crouched and evading using rolls. The class, which ran for three weeks, was classed as successful and attending students found the experience enjoyable, if a little useless in 'regular' combat.

In 2006, JamesF1 was promoted to Jedi Academy Staff and felt it was time to take on padawans of his own. He began training Senor Hat and BadgerJedi, forming a friendship with both. During this period, JamesF1 began Academia Senectae - an invite-only community of Jedi Academy "oldbies" playing JK2 together as in the early days of The Academy. However, due to declining activity, Academia Senectae itself closed in mid-2007.


After the closure of Academia Senctae, JamesF1 scaled back his activity in The Academy due to other commitments and a general dislike for the 'cheapened' gameplay offered by JK3 (when compared to JK2). Whilst he still fulfilled his roles as a staff member, and took on tarpman as a padawan, his activity slowly tailed off until 2009 when he left The Academy behind.

Present Day

From 2009 until 2011, JamesF1 was rarely an active part of the community after having left the Jedi Knight series behind. However, in mid-2011, JamesF1 and his good friend, Eclipse D'Kana were spotted on The Academy's JK3 servers, hinting at a possible, if limited, return for both.