Kenshin Mintaka

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Saber Single
Style (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy Reclamation of Honor
Gender Male
Location Michigan, USA
Padawans Gabe and Swing Blade (Outside of JA)

Kenshin_Mintaka is a Jedi Academy Student at the Jedi Academy. Kenshin joined The Jedi Academy after the creation of the current clan he is in Reclamation of Honor in hopes of becoming a stronger, wiser, and better leader for his clan.

Kenshin grew fond of Setementor a Jedi Instructor at The Academy. Setementor answered all of his questions and helped him out whenever he needed it, and still does it to this day.

Kenshin only signed up for classes taught by Setementor and Virtue, and this also remains true. Kenshin is a tad less active today because he is focusing on his Clan that he loves so very much, and his personal life.

Kenshin Mintaka is currently a student of The Jedi Academy and a Jedi Council member of Reclamation of Honor.

In The Jedi Academy

Kenshin maintains a semi-active status of a student in The Jedi Academy. However he has been secretly making and updating pages on the Archives, such as,

To Do list

Kenshin may not be the most active member in The Jedi Academy however he does like helping out with The Archives. As such Kenshin plans on finish up the pages above to an extent, and then working on the following.