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Clan KoP (Knights of Power, Kids on Pills) was founded in December 2003 by souL and Carth.

It grew over the course of 2004 reaching a maximum of about 20 members. The clan gained a great deal of recognition on @BWN servers, an American league. Sublime, long standing second in command to souL, became the leader of KoP in March 04, souL became inactive. Dispite the clan's roots in the dual saber type, it flourished over ‘04 acquiring very talented single and dual saberists. It was compared to other great clans of the time such as Masters or WoV. Eventually plagued by rapid growth the clan fractured into factions in late 04 and subsequently died.

souL returned to JKA in 2005 and KoP was "reborn," with many of the original members returning, including Sublime and Dark_Knight, arguably it’s two most famous members. The rebirth was short lived and the more talented players quit again shortly after souL once again disappeared.

Some of the newer players stayed in the clan and it subsequently became a "nub" clan, recruiting players that may not have made it into the original clan. This continued until late 2005 when the clan was laid to rest once more.

KoP is best remembered for its contribution to Dual Sabers. Dark_Knight and Sublime gained the respect of an otherwise anti-dual community. Between them they pushed KoP to the highest level of play @BWN had to offer. Many dual saberists have taken some portion of their style from either Dark_Knight or subLime, and as a result KoP has gained a cult following by lesser dualists, hoping to walk in the original dualies path.