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picture of Laziana
Saber Single
Style Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location Austria
Padawans Maher, Ritualist

Laziana is a Jedi Academy Trainer at the Jedi Academy.


Hailing in from a small village near of Vienna in Austria, Laziana joined the Jedi Academy on October 8th 2006. After meeting several other members - both old and new - and attending some classes it was clear for him (yes, he is male, just plays a female character in game) that he had found a place where people are nice and are really worth to spend time with.

Padawanship, Knighthood & Co.

On February 28th 2007, Dash Starlight took Laziana under his wing as Padawan.

Exactly two month later, on April 28th 2007, Laziana was promoted into the rank of a Jedi Academy Knight after overcoming the trials.

It took Laziana some time to be comfortable with the additional duties and responsibilities. Finally Laziana selected Maher Senatu as his first Padawan on August 31st 2007.

On September 26th - almost five month after overcoming the JAK Trials, Laziana was promoted into the rank of a Jedi Academy Trainer.

Laziana used to teach a Basic Medium Stance class on Mondays and an Intermediate Map Movement class on Tuesdays.


Laziana got familiar with the saber system by learning and utilizing Yellow stance in a defensive style passed on by his master Dash Starlight. With more experience and knowledge about the saber system Laz developed his own alterations to this traditional style and made it even more defensive, relying on parries and counter swings only.

Over time Laziana realized that for a puristic approach Yellow stance is not suitable to have an effective countermeasure to all potential threats in a JK3 duel.

So Laz also embraced Red stance to stock up on his arsenal to prevail in duels and tournaments - while still keeping prior skill with stances at hand to quickly switch and adapt to the situation if needed.

This does not always work out too well and it is clear that Laziana still has a long way to go to achieve any kind of sabering mastery in JK3.

Personality, Traits & Quotes

Laz is known as a kind and friendly person, always being respectful to each and everyone. Of course nobody is perfect - and with Laz it's no different. Cold-hearted moments and being a tad too strict or touchy when it comes to enforcing policies of servers, forums and the IRC channel does happen once in a while. Which never turns out to be a problem once the participating persons had a short talk over it - so it actually turns out fine anyway.

Laz is not a very competitive person, embracing more the aspect of having fun in a social and friendly environment. Still Laziana is always there when there are tournaments at the academy to test his current skill set.

Laziana is known for coffee and booze addictions (especially beer). Sharing time with a drunken Laz on TeamSpeak is something people tend to have a fond memory of.

Jokes go around every now and then how a Jedi Academy Trainer should rather not be found lying passed out on the floor of one of the Academy's hallways - always winking at Laziana's direction if possible.

Some of Laziana's favorite quotes:

"In humility lies true greatness."

"Wonderful." (in both honest and sarcastic way)


Other Activities

Laz organized and held a one-day-event Tag Team Tournament in November 2007. A sequel to this tournament format was held on April 24th, 2010 - once again being organized and run by Laz.

Additionally Laziana had a big role in organizing the Jedi Academy Prom 2008.

Also, Laziana frequently hosts shows on Jedi Academy Radio which are slowly getting more popularity as time goes by. Although there is no fixed schedule yet for regular shows, people are mostly happy to listen when the JA Radio is on air.

A New Dawn - SW:TOR

After Star Wars: The Old Republic was released in 2011, Laziana was an active player in the EU guild set up by the Jedi Academy. Laz was in the positions Officer, Guild-leader and Co-Leader and tried to deliver the same fun and respectful environment as in the days of JK3.

Unforeseen obstacles of the MMO nature of TOR prevented the involvement of the true TJA spirit and their aspects (basically: "teaching").

After a few leadership changes and permanent rotation of core player base and several administrative disputes, Laziana decided to quit SWTOR when the TJA guild was disbanded in August 2014.

SW:TOR Characters

SW:TOR characters played by Laziana: Server: Red Eclipse (EU PvE) Laziana - Jedi Sage (Healer)

The Future

Difficult to predict the future is... we will see.