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Saber Single
Style Form V, Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, The Jedi Academy Aurochs
Gender Male
Location Chicago, IL, USA
Padawans Refl3x

Leif is currently a Jedi Academy Knight at the Jedi Academy. He is a hybrid-style single saberist with a mastery of control, precision, and timing. He has been a member of the Jedi Academy since September 2003 and has been up to this day.


In the Ranks of IGF

In Autumn of 2003, Leif began to play JK3, with little experience nonetheless. It was during this time that he enlisted into the ranks of the clan IGF with its militaristic ideals and procedures. After a long career with IGF and working his way up the ranks up Warrant Officer, where he able to command a squad of JK3 players. It was after this promotion that he quit the ranks of IGF due to unknown reasons and began to traverse the larger JK3 community.

A Jedi Academy Student

It was after a month or so that Leif discovered the Jedi Academy through the search engine Google. After enrolling as a student and being accepted, he could be found on the Jedi Academy servers very frequently. It was during this time that he became padawan to the Jedi Academy Knight Aphex. He studied under Aphex for the months to come.

A Jedi Academy Auroch

At the time, still being a student, Leif was asked by Aphex to join for a position on the Jedi Academy Aurochs. At the time, in its early stages of life, the Aurochs did not have enough members to function as a mainstream competitive JK3 team, so no tryouts were held. As an Auroch, Leif helped to induct new members into the team. Leif partook in many matches as the Aurochs became a structurally functional mainstream JK3 team. Eventually, as time went by, the Aurochs was passed on to new management. Leif continued and still is a member of the Aurochs to this day.

A Jedi Academy Knight

Within five months of joining the Jedi Academy, during the Spring of 2004, Leif was inducted into the ranks of the Jedi Academy as a Jedi Academy Knight. In the Summer of 2004, Leif took leave on a vacation to China.

A Jedi Academy Trainer

After his vacation to China, Leif was immediately promoted to the rank of Jedi Academy Trainer. During this time, he taught a plethora of classes and spent a large amount of time on the Jedi Academy servers, teaching a great number of students and classes.