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A Dark Jedi shooting Level 3 Force Lightning at a Jedi
Force Lightning Symbol

Who doesn't remember Emperor Palpatine almost electrocuting Luke Skywalker with his Force Lightning in Return of the Jedi? you can do it aswell!

Force Lightning is, well, what the name says! Force Lightning allows the user to shoot beams of Lightning into opponents, inflicting lots of damage.

Force Lightning is activated by pressing the Force Lightning key, and stopped by releasing the key.


  • Level 1
    • Cost: 2 Points
    • Effect: A single beam of Lightning that inflicts damage into the opponent.
  • Level 2
    • Cost: 5 Points
    • Effect: Continuous beam of Lightning, covering a large distance, making it able to hit opponents that are far away.
    • Tip: In a full force duel, Level 2 Lightning is a lot more effective than Level 3. Level 2's distance is extrememly far and can be used to hit one's foe from accross the room.
  • Level 3
    • Cost: 8 Points
    • Effect: Continuous fan of Lightning, dealing lots of damage, and capable of hitting multiple opponents at once.


As with most of the Dark Side powers, the best way to counter Force Lightning, is with Force Absorb. This converts the opponents Lightning attack into Force Points for yourself.