Maher Senatu

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Picture of Maher Senatu
Maher Senatu
Saber Single
Style Yellow Purist (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location Finland
Padawans Cloud, Elessar, Draco, Eldor

" Win or lose... wth?... rather teach and learn! "

- Maher Senatu

" Weird yet reasonable all the time! "

- Friends

Maher Senatu is a finn dude at Jedi Academy. He has done various of things. He joined to Jedi Academy at September 2005, found Senatu Family (together with Qin-Tay) at September 28th 2006, became padawan of Laziana at around 2007 and knight of Jedi Academy at December 21st 2008.

Maher is a mentor of many players yet offically he has few padawans at Jedi Academy; Cloud Senatu, Elessar Senatu, Draco Senatu and Eldor Xer'jera.

Personality and Traits

"A Healthy Debate ? You are allready loosing yourself"

- Maher Senatu

First of all, You gotta watch "Its always sunny in philadelphia" and "Tim and Eric's Show" to understand even that little bit what's going on Maher's mind!

When you are starting to describe Maher Senatu's personality, you should think twice about doing it. He's the man who thinks that the absolute truth doesn't exist and everything is constantly improving, everything, once again, e-v-e-r-y single thing. Even the letters and meaning of this text. Nothing is self-evident. But if you want to get at least something out about Maher's personality, you can start with looking at his principles.

Most importantly he's a very empathic character, so you can be sure that he isn't some kind of hannibal lecter, who's playing with people's feelings just so that he can eat them. Not at all. But you can be sure if you are doubting about his sentences/sayings/deeds, you are not his friend. Paradox, you might be asking? nah Maher will tell when he's liking from somebody, way or another.

So why? what! when? writer started to describe about Maher's Personality when he needed to talk about principles and all that jibberish about you can't describe his personality! hah! that's the point. Empathy is to Maher, a principle, a tool, how he's dealing things everyday and that's also why he can do so many crazy things at the same time.

Can you image what bottles of beer can do for this man.

Which is totally another subject, but smoothly gives foundation for the next subject; Empathy is a great gift and everybody can train on it, but It is also a great curse if done wrong way. This is why everybody are rather dull 'balanced' persons because they afraid to show off their feelings.

"There is no Emotions, There is Peace"

- The Jedi Code

Before this guideline, Maher didn't see a tree from the forest. Literally he didn't regonize his own feelings, what were positives and what were negatives. This is when Maher's master jumps in, Laziana, who gave him the most important instrument to control himself; Patience. Which is Maher's second principle.

The Third Tool, The Last Principle is fun! When life is so damn serious, you need laugh back at it

All in all, don't afraid approach him with difficult subjects, He has seen a lot of life for so young.

Love of Strong Women

Maher has professed his love for strong women such as Darth Melanie.


Maher approves this note.