No Surrender

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The Beginning

The clan "no Surrender" was created by Elm, Kapkin, and Herø on September 22, 2008. Elm left =Everybody Dies=, Kapkin left next Generation, and Herø left Master clan in order to come together and create the newly born clan. Elm, Kapkin and Herø knew each other well from the =EbD= days (the only clan in which all three members were in at the same time) and decided to form nS in order to create a competitive base clan.


No Surrender has done many clan matches compared to its short existence in an old game and has built up quite a reputation. It is regarded as a competitive, base, TFFA clan that still enjoys the old game that Jedi Academy is. The clan has been recruiting members as of late and has been growing rather quickly. The clan is also involved in the Euro ESL TDM Ladder and intends to continue in it.

Current Council Members

Elm, Kapkin, Herø, Kaldør and Banana.