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Nogrhan is the man. He has been playing JKA since the begining of 2005.

Boy of Wonder

When Nogrhan was introduced to JKA in 2004, he immediately after bought the game, and endlessly played the single player game until his 11 year old heart could not handle it any longer. At the begining of the new year however, he turned on the multiplayer. He gave himself the name Boy of Wonder, and made his way through Capture the Flag and Seige games. It wasn't until a year later that he discovered clans, immediately after seeking one. His lack of skill and knowledge kept him out of many clans, until he came across Lords of Mayhem (LoM), a once popular, well respected clan. He was put to the test with a best-out-of-three dual with Sparrow, the clan leader. Once again, he failed miserably, only this time the light-hearted man laughed it away and let him in anyways.

The New Imperial Order

The New Sith Empire

About a week into being with LoM, Boy of Wonder returned to the USM server, a clan which rejected him harshly earlier on. He felt angry and returned to show them up. However, being the noob he was, he recieved several ass kickings in the failed process. Fortunately, it was not a total loss. He was in the right place at the right time, as a new, serverless, three member clan was generously invited to stay at USM's server. NSE consisted of Kaldor, NorwegianTerminator, and Rogin, all of whom were trying the best they could to keep this clan alive. Over the course of several days, Nogrhan had become quite friendly with all three of them, and was requested to join the clan. After much thought, he decided he'd rather be with NSE than LoM. Sparrow was understanding, and the two stayed in touch regularly.