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Saber Single
Style Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, The Jedi Academy Aurochs, JHC
Gender Male
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Padawans None

Proximo is currently a member of the Jedi Academy Aurochs. He is a hybrid-style single saberist. He became an Aurochs in April of 2005. Proximo is also known as Nightmare, and is one of the last remaining active members of clan JHC.


The Beginning

Proximo began his multiplayer career as "Nightmare" in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, in the summer of 2003. Nightmare visited all types of servers including FFA, Duel, and CTF, never staying in any one server for very long. He never downloaded any patches for the game, so his playing was limited to unpatched servers. When JKA came out in September, Nightmare bought it and immediately began online play.

NightmarE and the JHC

Nightmare continued with his traveling, and eventually came to the JHC server. Appreciating the order kept in the server by the members of JHC, Nightmare investigated the clan, and eventually applied and was accepted. Nightmare learned much fighting strategy from the members of JHC, and rose through their ranks. At times when the clan's server was empty, he went exploring and arrived at the (Jedi) server one day. Over the next few weeks he met many new people, including Bambi D'Kana, Sauce, and Dacascos. Through Dacascos, Nightmare learned of the JLG and their server, and began visiting them frequently. As JHC lost activity, Nightmare began travelling servers again, and began seriously focusing on improving his dueling skills. By going to different servers, he observed many different fighting styles and began shaping his own.

Proximo the Aurochs

From the members of (Jedi), Nightmare had learned of the Jedi Academy and joined in March of 2004. While generally remaining quiet, Nightmare appreciated the activity of the servers and visited them more and more often. When Janus announced the reformation of the Aurochs in January of 2005, Nightmare, now known as Proximo, jumped at the chance for some competitive play. He tried out and became part of the first batch of new Aurochs in April, and was soon put on the white team. Proximo became a very active Aurochs, and went on many tffa trips to other servers. With the Aurochs he became more active within the JA, and helped on the new skinpack creating new custom skins for the Academy servers and also the Aurochs. Although never officially disbanding, JHC became virtually non-existent ingame.


In late August, Proximo had computer problems that haven't yet been resolved. While still playing from time to time, he is no where near as active as he once was.