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Saber Single
Style Hybrid
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male Rodian
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Padawans Vision, Zødiac
— SaZabi


SaZabi is one of the many students of the Jedi Academy. Sazabi joined the Jedi Academy February 2005. He is known for his not so serious behaviour in forums and in game, however no one thinks he is a bad person which in result helped him find many friends. In February 12 of 2006 he won the first Cage of Death tourney. Most of other attempts in tourneys resulted in facing Masta and losing miserably.


He uses Single Saber hybrid-style. His style in based on constant counter-mode. Being as close to opponent as he can, he uses red stance to penetrate enemies defenses while still having a few tricks left up his sleeve in case his opponent might try to counter attack which in the perfect case scenario (for SaZ ofcourse) scores him another opportunity to hit, throwing opponent off balance for a last strike. He also uses yellow stance for quick surprise attacks or for some counters. He likes to jump around the opponent all the time when he dodges and attacks to make it difficult for opponent to have him centered or cornered. While he can defeat many other students he considers himself to be rather bad: timing and movement not good enough in yellow stance, aim based on luck in red stance.


Eventually he thought he could try and teach someone everything he knows. Vision was his first and the most serious padawan who eventually surpassed Sazabi and even became an official Jedi Knight and joined the Aurochs. He had two other padawans - Kano and Majestic One who became inactive too soon. The last one is Zødiac who became more like a friend than a padawan. However he still thinks that he can some day make him throw those pathetic multiple sabers and make him a true single saber user. It is unclear if Sazabi is going to teach any other padawans, because he can't find someone patient enough.

Why the whole rodian thing?

In real life he is considered weird by most. No one can really say what is exactly wrong with him, but they just feel it. Sazabi does not feel bad about that at all and laughs at those people. Rodian is something simmilar - kinda cool, somewhat ugly, a little evil, funny, ridiculous. So thats why Sazabi chose the model and the whole rodian style - he thinks it fits his real life personality most.