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Saber Single
Style Red and Yellow Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location UK
Padawans Stig, Grycen, Tidus, Cuthalion, Shadow Jedi, Degor

A member since April 2004, Setementor is an established Jedi Academy Master and a former Aurochs Member. Setementor teaches Movement and jumping techniques in his classes and is a former Padawan of Wolfwood.

The Beginning

Setementor started playing the Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast game in 2002. He played online as well as via LAN with friends. Two days after its release, Setementor obtained a copy of the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game, but focused on modding rather than playing due to lag issues caused by his dialup connection. Setementor joined the Jedi Academy in April, 2004. He had known about the Jedi Academy’s existence previously, but decided to join only after the new website was launched.

He took part in nearly all classes that were being taught in the Jedi Academy and picked up the basics of the game in FaDed’s class and the bootcamp class by Fizz. Wolfwood took him on as a padawan and even though he provided additional guidance, he became too busy to complete Setementor’s training. Setementor has obtained various knowledge and skills from varying people as a result.

He has always been quite involved with the Jedi Academy community. Later in 2004 Setementor took part in a JA movie project which was never finished. Following this, he ran the Student Introduction Program together with Bail Hope Belouve, Squibit Belouve, and Kow. The idea behind this program was, that new students would be helped out by more experienced students, so they can become familiar with the Jedi Academy, learn some basics about the game and have at least one familiar face. Setementor joined the ranks of the Jedi Academy Aurochs as well.

Jedi Academy Knight

Following the purge, Setementor was toggled in the first batch of new triallees and became a Jedi Academy Knight on July 2nd, 2005. This allowed him to start assisting classes and to take a series of padawans under his wing. There was quite a bit of uproar going on inside the Jedi Academy as well, which forced him to discipline people where needed right off the bat.

An incident occurred during his early days as a JAK which has shaped him for the better. A student informed Setementor that someone was causing trouble, but seeing this person was a friend of Setementor, he backed him up. A complaint was received a few weeks after. Setementor realized he had been bias in that particular situation, which was something he would never allow to happen again. He has become very open minded about anything and always considers all options available in a particular situation from that point on. This is considered a great strength.

Jedi Academy Trainer

Setementor was promoted to the rank of Jedi Academy Trainer on January 9th, 2006. Despite suffering from celiac disease, he has started teaching a good number of classes. The Jedi Academy was quite active back then and his classes were often visited by large numbers of students.

It was during this time that Setementor had some differences of opinion with some of his fellow Jedi Academy Aurochs members. This led to him deciding to part ways with the team.

By the end of 2006, he discoverd what condition he was suffering from and was therefore able to make adjustments. Setementor started his long road of recovery and although it wasn't easy, he came out much better. He continued contributing to the Jedi Academy as much as he was able to during this time.

Jedi Academy Master

On April 23rd, 2009, Setementor was promoted to Jedi Academy Master. Activity was decreasing significantly at this point and he made a conscious effort to boost it. Setementor continues to be around on IRC and regularly checks the Jedi Academy’s website. He lends a helping hand in setting up and organizing events, such as events intended to boost activity, TOR events and the celebration of the Jedi Academy’s tenth anniversary.