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A Jedi holding a Staff

The two-handed lightsaber, or staff, is a new addition for JKA. As seen in the movies, a Jedi wields one saber hilt, with a blade coming out of each end. The Jedi also has the option of shutting down one blade and using only one, but only in yellow stance and without the yellow kata or the yellow DFA

Special Moves

A Staff Kata can be very dangerous when used correctly.


A Kata is executed by pressing primary fire and secondary fire simultaneously. The Staff Kata involves the Jedi jumping in the air and spinning, continuing the spin after landing. The Jedi crouches while landing, making the saber blades about waist level. After the spins are complete, the kata allows for an easy roll by pressing forward, and a possible roll-stab. The roll can make it harder for opponents to counter-attack. The kata can be devastating in a FFA, especially when the fighter moves the mouse during the move.

A Jedi using a Staff to perform a Twirl.


The Twirl is a move where the Jedi twirls his staff in front of his body and then over his head. It is achieved by pressing forward, crouch, and primary fire simultaneously, or by holding forward and crouch and then pressing primary fire. In the beginning of the Twirl, the Jedi is only attacking in front of him, making it easy to counter-attack his sides and back. The last swing of the Twirl is over the Jedi's head in a circle, hitting every direction around him. However, because the last swing is so high, it can be ducked under.

A Butterfly can be lethal when used appropriately.


The Butterfly is yet another special move available to a staff-user. It is executed by pressing forward, jump, and primary fire simultaneously. Slightly different, less effective butterflies can be performed by pressing right or left instead of forward. The move involves the Jedi leaping through the air while rotating his body. The Butterfly is especially dangerous beacuse of the control the player has while performing the move. The Jedi can affect the direction of the jump throughout the butterfly, making it very unpredictable and hard to counter. Many fighters will not try to counter the butterfly, and simply avoid it.

While the backflip looks nice, it is not very useful in combat.


By pressing back, jump, and attack simultaneously, a player can perform a Backflip. The Backflip involves the jedi jumping high in the air, flipping backwards, and landing with the staff held in front of him. The move is hard to execute, difficult to aim, and does little damage.