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Tallepyon; Weiner-Man; Darth Weiner
Saber Staff (Mangry)
Style Pro Wrestling
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Padawans DJ Sith

Tallepyon, also known as Darth Weiner, is the padawan of the renowned Sith Lord, Darth Baker, and a student in the academy. He is a sensitive fellow who enjoys long conversations, refreshing strolls in the park, and candlelit dinners of deliciously grills weiners of various kinds. Tallepyon considers himself a lady's man, though his Master, the venerable Darth Baker, contends otherwise. Nevertheless, Tallepyon received the title of "the makeout king" through his mentor/master relationship with his platonic soul-mate, DJ Sith, one of the founding members of the academy.

Tallepyon is a master of the saberstaff and has created many destructive moves over the course of his JKA career, which ended prematurely due to his addiction to the popular MMO, World of Warcraft. Despite that, Tallepyon is known for his special moves, "Flight of the Mockingbird" and "The Tallepyon Train." There has been some controversy over the creative rights of "Flight of the Mockingbird." Though Tallepyon is credited with the move's ridiculous name, JK13 is quick to argue that he taught Tallepyon the technique, after having divined it during a jedi vision on one cold and lonesome night.

Tallepyon has an anime about himself called "Super Genius Tallepyon Cool Guy." This anime catalogs his Don Quixote'esk adventures. He fights many formidable foes and always wins due to his keen sense of coolness, dumb luck, and the fact that he wrote the anime. His anime character was originally a guy, but upon further contemplation became a 12 year old girl whose catch phrases are "Tee hee! Let's go to the mini-mall!" and "oh you're being a big doodoo!".