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Saber Single
Style Form V, Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) Unknown
Gender Male
Location Atlanta, GA, USA
Padawans Dane, Damon Belouve, Devlin, O'liin, Syco

Tido started playing JK3 in February, 2004. He joined the Academy on 25th, 2004, were he started out as a Student interested in learning more about the game. He uses a Single Saber, and has a Hybrid fighting style.

Padawanship to Wolfwood

Just a few weeks after joining the Academy, then Jedi Academy Knight Wolfwood noticed Tido struggling in the game and took him as a padawan. Tido began learning movement and red stance basics under Wolfwood's tutelage. The red influences traced back through Wolfwood from Monty to Shannon and Nofrikinfun. Apart from Wolfwood, early yellow stance influences came from Dante Valmont, Virtue, Luke Skywalker, Leif, and Jaiko D'Kana. Tido began primarily as a red stancer like most Academy students but kept a strong interest in learning yellow techniques.

As time passed, Tido improved greatly under Wolfwood's instruction and from the influence of many Academy fighters. By the summer of 2004, he was noticed not only by the Academy staff but by fellow students as well. Tido was one of the most recommended knight prospects by his peers in the JA.

The American Hybrid

Departing from the purist styles of many great Academy fighters, Tido pursued hybrid styles that were evolving rapidly at the time and used by fighters like Leif and Viper. Trying to become efficient in both stances made learning a slower process and for awhile Tido had a hard time making significant gains as a fighter. He started dueling outside of the JA in the competitive BWN and began to sharpen up. For a short while Tido was an initiate in the WoV clan under Sauce. WoV didn't provide any instruction but did force Tido to fight against very tough fighters. Tido left WoV before being considered for membership after realizing he had differences of character with the often elitist clan. Sauce did have a large impact on Tido's abilities - especially in regards to red stance and accuracy.

Becoming a Knight

Because of his great attitude and skill, Tido was trailed and promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight on August 31st, 2004. He was second in his batch just after Jaina D'kana and followed by Janus and 3th. He immediately started helping as an assistant teacher and covered many classes at the Academy.

Some of Tido's classes:



As a Knight, Tido spent weeks trying to help dissolve the perceived status of being a Jedi Academy Padawan versus being a Jedi Academy Student. Not everyone agreed with his opinion that JAPs shouldn't enjoy any kind of elevated status, but it was finally Massadoobie who put many of Tido's ideas into effect and helped lessen the inexpedient feelings of many JA students.

Tido also proposed an improved method of tracking troublesome members. Before, the JA kept a single forum thread in the upper-level Academy Forums and dumped all reports of trouble in there. Problems were obvious when discussing multiple offenders and noticing repeat troublemakers. The simple solution was to create a new forum and let each offense have it's own thread. The JA still uses this system today.

The IRC Administrator

For much of the Academy's history, Aron wrote and ran the eggdrop bots that managed the official Academy IRC channels. Then Aron suddenly left the Academy and the bots left with him. The Academy channel had no way for Knights, Trainers, or Staff members to administrate the channel. To help out, Tido volunteered to learn eggdrops and the TCL scripting language to replace the functionality to the IRC chat room. After a few weeks of development, Tido created HK-47 and C-3PO which were an admin bot and a statistics bot respectively. Jacen Aratan pitched in by writing an mIRC script that interfaced with HK-47. The two bots added security and special functionality such as server querying and entertaining channel statistics for months.

JA Radio

Another Tido project was JA Radio: a live, high-quality audio stream for the community. Using an Icecast server hosted at the Academy website, JA "DJs" could log in and broadcast music or talk. DJ rotations and schedules were created and many members had a fun time sharing their music and laughs on the radio. A script for an IRC bot was created by Tido to show stream information in IRC. His Ice2 script is still the only eggdrop script for icecast available for download. While JA Radio was an interesting idea, the project never reached the scale that Tido hoped for. The radio was simply started too late and missed the height of activity of the Academy. Despite its shortcomings, it was and continues to be a great source of entertainment for Academy members.

The Jedi Academy Aurochs

Tido keeps himself in shape by competing in TFFA matches against JK:JA clans under the green and white banner of The Jedi Academy Aurochs. He played a very big role in getting the Aurochs back on track in October 2004, after the Aurochs had fallen into inactivity because Jedi Master Jaiko D'Kana, an Instructor back than, was unable to keep the Aurochs together because of real life and internet connection issues.

In the previous generation of the Aurochs, Tido did a lot of work as the Aurochs Team Tech, and as the Administrator of the Aurochs Website and Aurochs Wiki. Issues with the JACs concerning some of his projects and their scope strained the relationship between the Jedi Academy Aurochs and the Jedi Academy. His history made the JACs rather reluctant to let him have any sort of access to the webserver. Tido's retirement statement and problems with the JACs led to his ban from the Jedi Academy. The ban has been questioned by many currently.

Now, Tido is totally unfilliated with the Jedi Academy Aurochs and intends to work on some projects he has put off before. He is considering joining Clan Master's new TFFA team, which will be headed by Deqlyn.

Miscellaneous Projects

Tido has done a lot for the Jedi Academy, some of the things he's worked on are:

  • JA Radio Show
    • Tido was the one that came up with the idea of creating a very own Radio Show for the Jedi Academy! He got people to sign up as DJ's, made a schedule of the times when the Radio Show would be on, and indicated what DJ would be playing what music. He no longer works on the Radio Show, but the Show is still going strong!
  • JA Map Project: USA Division
    • Tido made a Map where Jedi Academy Members that lived in the USA could place their name on, so that people could see where all those crazy Yankees actually lived. Others started making Maps for the European, Australian and Asian Members.
  • The Fall Open (Double Elimination Tournament)
    • Tido held a small Double Elimination Tournament, called 'The Fall Open', back in 2004 with both Full-Force and No-Force matches, that Members could sign up for. The winner of the Full-Force section of the Tournament was Gradius, Sauce won the No-Force section.
  • JA Christmas Show
    • Tido thought it'd be fun to have JA Members make some Christmas tracks that would be played on the JA Radio. Multiple people entered submissions, and even though it wasn't exactly released during Christmas, everyone still got to hear the tracks!