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yeah im trying to pick it up again, couldnt have done it without you starting them though

i see what you mean, seemed lighter last night, ill reshoot them at some point

cool, i took some last night but yours are a higher quality anyway. nice work Proximo

what i would of done, i miss my ps ;_;. lost it when my computer went south Proximo

hey what is a medical station? i have no idea. and light amplification goggles are only in jk2 arent they? Proximo

wasn't exactly "legal" per se. and i use my sisters laptop primarily now, only use the old comp for jkaProximo

thanks, took a while to look up all the info. good call with the hit points, i hadnt thought about it but they should be under a real name Proximo

helps to have more than one set of eyes, and that seige is unbelievable by the way, good stuff Proximo

Hey bro! Hope things are cool with ya. I've read somewhere that Dutch handles these things differently, so there might be some confusion. With a title, you only capitalize the title when it is used with the name or object. For example: Professor Tido Kenobi and Doctor D@RtHM@UL. However you never capitalize a title by itself as it is now just a regular noun. Example: I talked to my professor today about what my doctor told me. Peace!

-Tido 10:14, 28 March 2006 (EST)

hehe, yeah i'm trying to work on that, haven't really done any wiki's before. DarthMike