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Should probably try to use the Show preview button a little more. It'll give you a view of exactly what the page will look like so you can use that instead of making lots of minor edits. -Proximo

Great work on creating those articles man, glad to see other people adding stuff! Two minor things though, use more of the functions of the wiki to make a page easier to read and more clear. Second, if you have the same word a lot in a few sentences apart, linking it once or twice is enough, no need to link it every single time. Keep up the good work! =) -D@RtHM@UL

It's cool, just thought I'd point it out. If you've got any questions about the wiki or working on it, feel free to ask them =) -D@RtHM@UL

BTW, the reason why your picture won't work is because that function is bugged, Tido is working on it! ;) -D@RtHM@UL