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Nice work on the wiki man, nice to see others doing stuff. D@RtHM@UL

notes for myself

  • test damage and time of items (seeker, turret, field)
  • combination varieties
  • force use of special moves


Well, I'm not really going to write any JK2 articles other than explain what JK2 was and how it's different. JK3 and JK2 are so similiar they look like the same game sometimes, but they are different enough to make a 2 game wiki a real pain in the ass.


Make sure to use clear pictures of an item, some of the screenshots you took are a bit dark or small. D@RtHM@UL

Replaced your Blaster Pack picture with one that's less dark, also added Metallic Bolt and Power Cell ammunition pictures. D@RtHM@UL

Modified them a bit in PhotoShop so they were brighter and looked better =P D@RtHM@UL

Why don't you 'reacquire' it? D@RtHM@UL

Medical Stations can only be found in Siege, they hang on walls, and work like the Shield Power Converter, you just walk up to it, press and hold 'Use' and it refills your HP untill the station is drained or your at full health. The Light Amplification Goggles are also in JK:JA, but no one uses them in their maps, so you hardly see them. D@RtHM@UL

Gotcha. D@RtHM@UL

Very nice work on the Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament page btw, it's impressive =) D@RtHM@UL

Nice catch on the 'Jedi Academy Knight' grammar mistake, must've overlooked it ;) User:D@RtHM@UL