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Va'kion Inya
Saber Single, Duals, Staff
Style Blue
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, The United Forces
Gender Male
Location Hudson, Michigan
Padawans none

Va'kion started his journey at the Jedi Academy in January of 2008. A longtime player of JK3, he was new to multiplayer. He found TJA through Virtue's lightsaber tutorial Although he hasn't been able to be on the servers or forums as much as he would like due to school. He hopes to be more active in the future. Va'kion always tries to greet new students and always be respectfull on the servers and forums. His favorite gametypes are Siege and Lugormod and he can often be found on the official JA siege server. He is also an avid writer with a website devoted to a book series of his creation.