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The Duo: Before There Were Three

The Wii! Triumvirate! was founded at roughly around one o'clock in the morning Eastern Standard Time on the 26th of December in 2006 by Pink_Mintaka and Rin_Mintaka, and on the 28th of December grew to include Amik_Mintaka. It was founded during a multiple hour Non-Force Free For All session between the two of them in The Pit room of Virtue's Academy v2 map, which was the default map on The Academy's servers at the time. As you can imagine as the night went on, things got more crazy and less coherent. At the time, Rin_Mintaka was obsessed with the Nintendo Wii, and as you can imagine in a Free For All in a room with an endless chasm, they fell into it. Eventually, Pink_Mintaka said " Wee!" as he fell to his doom, and Rin_Mintaka went spastic. He decided that correction on Pink's poor choice of words was necessary and took immediate action to correct his mistake. From then on, when one of them fell into the depths of The Pit room, they would both shout " Wii!", with the two I's being in white text, and the W and the exclamation mark being either pink or green, depending on whether Pink or Rin fell into The Pit. When AmiK was added to the group, the W and exclamation mark that she used were cyan in color.

The Triumvirate Emerges


As the Christmas holidays went on, Pink and Rin and AmiK_Mintaka stayed up every night that week until the wii hours of the morning with their Non-Force Free For All sessions. In fact, one morning Rin was forced to leave not because he was tired, but because his father had started getting ready for work at 5:30 in the morning and was outraged that he had stayed up all night playing on the computer. Had his father not woken up and sent him to bed, that particular session could have gone on for hours longer. Their sessions grew longer and longer, often hitting around six or seven hours. The longest session during Christmas Break lasted six hours and forty minutes long, although Rin had been involved an extra twenty minutes totaling seven hours, and AmiK had been on for 466 minutes, or seven hours and forty six minutes. Needless to say, the three Mintakas became great friends over Christmas break of 2006, and are still close friends.