Deqlyn Moquei

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Deqlyn Moquei
Saber Single
Style Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male

Deqlyn Moquei started off late in the Academy just before the decline of the "glory days." Originally, he was befriended by Sauce at the JRB server who would then teach him to use Dual Sabers. After a while, it was a goal of Deq's to join Clan Master, but since they only took Single Saber Users, Deqlyn then asked Sauce for his guidance once again. Eventually, Deqlyn would be the Padawan of Master Sparda from Clan Master but made Master with a unanimous vote just before its first disban.

In his time as a Padawan, he befriended SiNiStaR and Master Ugly who would then teach him more and more about dueling. Deqlyn made a clear decision that he was for elitism and winning. This ultimately gave him a bad reputation at the Academy. After touring clans such as Nurse and Ki, Deq finally settled down at the Academy, accepting the end of his BWN days. Eventually Tido came to Deqlyn to ask for help in getting the rust off. From there Deqlyn applied for the Aurochs.

In one of the most controversial votes of the Aurochs time, Deqlyn sneaked his way in thus dropping the elitism and exploits. From there, Deq had to relearn the gamestyle we know as TFFA. When Deqlyn finally made it in, he competed in the first famous DoX match, who were believed to be the #1 TFFA team at the time. The Aurochs won! From there Deqlyn would play in matches, mostly scrims, with Tido, JK13, and Dane.

Deqlyn eventually retired, returned, and retired again with the Aurochs. He is very passionate in fighting against Tido's questionable ban though his methods may not be kosher. Deqlyn will more than likely not be remembered, but if he is, it will be for his elitist and cocky attitude in addition to his fiery passion in TFFAs.