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Saber Single
Style Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, Jedi Academy Aurochs
Gender Male
Location Belgium
Padawans DeathDealer, Liso Jowol, Michael Jowol, Rane Jowol, Magooooo Jowol,


Divine has been playing Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy for four years. Joined the The Jedi Academy at 16 October 2004. He specialised in a fighting style called the "Jowol stance" passed on from generation to generation, which he recieved from his master Carda Jowol. Which he later improved by the tutelage of Dash Starlight and the many players he encounterd during his stay in the game.

Divine was formely known as Kenny Jowol. The first and only one of the JA family who managed to become a Jedi Academy Knight and later on a Jedi Academy Trainer at The Jedi Academy.

Known as

Over the years Ken had many nicknames. He was known as Ax3r, AkUr3x, maxwell., Duo.

Nowadays Ken goes under the allias "Divine".

Which means: Divinity and divine (sometimes 'the Divinity' or 'the Divine'), are broadly applied but loosely defined terms, used variously within different faiths and belief systems — and even by different individuals within a given faith — to refer to some transcendent or transcendental power, or its attributes or manifestations in the world. The root of the words is literally 'Godlike' (from the Latin 'Deus', cf. Dyaus, closely related to Greek 'Zeus' and Deva in Sanskrit), but the use varies significantly depending on which god is being discussed.


When he first joined The Jedi Academy, he was the padawan of Flash. Over the years he had many masters who instructed him in the ways of the Jedi and learned him alot of the mechanics of the game.

These were: Flash, Plookoon, Carda Jowol, Dash Starlight, EJ_Will, FullMetal

The Jowol Family

The beginning

The story of the Jowols all began when a guy called Carda Jowol taked his first steps in his long journy to become a Jedi. He entered the halls of the Jedi Academy and started his training to learn the ways of the Jedi. Learning to out this for a while and looking at how the D'kana's worked. wield a light-saber and learn more about the force. After Carda spent 2 to 3 Months in the Jedi Academy. He get to know new people, made new friends.

At one point he asked a Jedi Knight better known as Hardwired to take him on as a Padawan. To learn to wield the powerfull red stance. Not just a normal red stance technique. A style of fighting called the 'NofrikinFun Style' stance. After many months of being HW's padawan. Becoming brother to Markos, Plookoon, Rosered and the rest of HardwiredPadawans. Carda discoverd a new way of dueling. What only can be described as cool way of dueling. Using only, but Aerial Red Combat. Which was known as Aerial Spins. Learning this moves from a good friend of Carda. Wolfwood a Jedi Student, one to become a Jedi Academy Trainer.

Creating the Jowols, a social family

After training a long time on mastering this kind of stance. He became an quite good dueler. At this point Carda wanted to share his wishdom and decided to take on a padawan named 'Raziel'. Having trouble being able to attend his Classes Raz was away for a while. So Carda Joined a local clan by the name "Nomadic Jedi Order". Where he was trialed and accepted at the Rank of Jedi Scholar. Similuar to a Jedi Trainer in the JA. He took on two more padawans under the names of 'Shangri and Wolfy'. After thinking about this for a while and looking at how the D'kana's worked.

He decided to make a family called the 'Jowols'. Not just a family about the unique style of fighting, but a family where they all can be friends, talk to each other. A social family. So the padawans he took on became the first of the Jowols. Raziel Jowol, Shangri Jowol and Wolfy Jowol.

Padawanship to Carda Jowol & Plookoon

A few weeks past after making the Jowols. Carda saw a new person join the JA, by the name of Ax3r, helping him and Dash Starlight at their red stance. Carda taked Ax3r on as his padawan. Ax3r was a most unusal Padawan, to both Carda and his brother Plookoon. Now known as Kenny Jowol. He trained hard and grasped to the JoWol Style. To master this.

Carda became in love with a member of the JA community named GaiA. Also known as Kerri. Adding her to his padawans. Carda trained all his padawans from that point till one of his padawans masterd his style of dueling. Kenny Jowol became a decent duelist and was granted to take on padawans. Being pleased that he finaly masterd the Jowol style. Kenny taked on three padawans named Liso Jowol, Michael Jowol and Rane Jowol. Wich will become the new generation of the Jowol Family.

Padawanship to Dash Starlight

After Carda Jowol stopped playing the game and went to a university Kenny was left behind and felt his training was uncomplete. Struggeling to get better and more experienced in the game, he started to notice he lacked the essential knowledge to deal with single saberists who used a combination of red and yellow in a deadly fighting style. In order to get better he must learn how things worked in fights. Basicly, what make them tick.

He seeked out a new person to continue his training. Already experienced with red stance, he thought it was time to learn a total new way to fight in order to devolp a new understanding. A new stance where he had so much troubles with to counter, the tricky Yellow stance. Dash Starlight was the first Jedi Academy Knight after the staff purge, a padawan of Virtue. He was Kenny's training partner from the moment he joined The Jedi Academy. Now accepted as his padawan he learned the ways of the yellow stance, full force dueling and advanced movement techniques.

Becoming a Knight

After being a student at The Jedi Academy for two years, taking many classes and learned from many differend players Kenny was toggled to take his Jedi Knight trials. After succesfully completing them he became the first Jowol who became a Jedi Academy Knight. With his new rank and responsibility's he took on three padawans who were Liso Jowol, Michael Jowol and Rane Jowol who he instructed in red stance aswell in yellow stance. Learning them the way of the Jedi as his master did with him.

The Jedi Academy Aurochs

With the rebuilding-process of the Aurochs he signed up to be tested if he had what it takes to be on the TFFA squad. During his trial period he battled many teams together with the crew of the JAA. Improving match by match while he still was struggeling how to play the gametype probely. After being a recruit over serveral months he was invited to join the ranks of the JAA on 23-12-06, after soon to be voted of the Aurochs island by a public vote (He never went anywhere though).

Becoming a Trainer

After doing his responsibility's as a Jedi Academy Knight for several months, training many differend students, helping to keep the servers peacefull and just being around was Kenny promoted to a [Jedi Academy Trainer] Where he taught two classes, a basic yellow stance and a advanced movement class. After four months he stepped down as a JAT. Still playing the game in the TFFA/CTF squad of the Aurochs.

The Jedi Academy Aurochs CTF squad

At the same time as the restructures of the team took places, he signed up for the newly implented CTF team. Where he was trained by the JAA CTF experts EJ_Will and Fullmetall. Going to many classes, where he learned how to play CTF with many other students from many talented players like Khazad, Septimo, Wolfwood, Optime etc.. Soon enough he managed to join the JAA capture the flag squad aswell. The squad was formed and existed out of the follewing players: EJ_Will, FullMetal,Rosered, Divine, Mythols, Ramses, Nick and Sevinteen.

While being on the CTF squad, Kenny went to the bS community along with his comrades(Beyondsuppression.com) to further develop his playing style, playing countless PUG games with many differend players. With FullMetal becoming a admin in the ESL CTF ladder, competition was revived for a while. A tournemant was hosted to launch the ladder where the squad competed versus many teams and became fourth place in the ladder as the rookie junior team.

Over the next months Kenny now was known as Duo in the CTF community. In attempt to expand his knowledge of the gametype he asked elite ctf players like Resist, Khazad, Dream,.. to train him to further develop himself in the gametype. Learning positions like offence and chase D. Fullmetal trained Kenny in logical thinking, advanced offence, aiming techniques, basic base D, advanced base D, chase D and made him a decend all around player in the community.

EJ_Will retired from the CTF team after a while and FullMetal became the CTF squad where he promoted Kenny to the vice-emperor!

Current activity's

Divine stopped playing the game and is now currently playing a MMORPG called naruto GOA (http://www.byond.com/games/Masterdan/NarutoGOA) in his free time while making his own company of the nightlife in Belgium with some of his close friends.