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IRC Client

There are two ways to connect to the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Chat, either by use of a Java Applet or by use of an IRC program like mIRC.

If you only join the IRC Chat every now and than, the Java Applet is probably best, since it doesn't require you to download anything, and it gets you in the chat channel(s) a little faster.

If you however want to visit the chat channel(s) frequently, mIRC is probably best, since it has a lot more functions, options and customization abilities.

Java Applet

If you want to use the Java Applet to join the chat, you can click this link. Incase a pop-up comes up asking for permission to run the Java Applet, select Yes, else the Applet won't work.

The Applet will use your website nickname as default on connect, if you wish to change this, you can do so in the lower right corner of the Applet under Change nick to.


You can download the mIRC client from the mIRC website. Once your there, select Download mIRC on the left, and select the proper version, depending on what country you live in.

Connecting with mIRC

After you've installed mIRC, launch it, you will get a pop-up about registering, ignore it and click Continue. If you've been using mIRC for a longer period, it will take a few second before you are allowed to click continue.

Now, type


This will connect you to the Quakenet Server on which the chat channels can be found.

While connected


Once your connected, you can start joining channels. The command for joining a channel is /join #<name of the channel>.

So, if you wanted to join The Jedi Academys main channel, you would type:

/join #jedi-academy

Official The Jedi Academy channels:


If you want to register an account on Quakenet, you will need to type the following:

Note that the nickname you are using when you register, will become your username!

/msg Q HELLO <> <>

This will send a password to the e-mail address you entered. Once you have the password, you can AUTH yourself, by typing the following:

/msg AUTH <username> <password>

Again, your username will be the nickname you were using when you registered yourself, the password will be the one you received on the e-mail address your entered.

If your not sure if the AUTH worked, you can check it by typing:

/msg Q whoami

If a message comes back in the form of -Q( You have authed as userid: <youruserID> nick: <yournickname>, the AUTH worked.

Private Messages

You can send private messages (PMs), or queries, to other users, by typing:

/query <nickname of the person you want to PM>