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style=[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Form_VII:_Juyo/Vaapad Form VII - Vaapad],[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tr%C3%A0kata Tràkata], [[Hybrid-Staff]] ([[Clean]])|
style=[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Form_VII:_Juyo/Vaapad Form VII - Vaapad],[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tr%C3%A0kata Tràkata], [[Hybrid-Staff]] ([[Clean]])|
organization=[[The Jedi Academy]], [[Jedi Academy Aurochs|The Jedi Academy Aurochs]]|
organization=[[The Jedi Academy]], [[Jedi Academy Aurochs|The Jedi Academy Aurochs]], [[WoV]]|
location=Cleveland, OH, USA|
location=Cleveland, OH, USA|

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Saber Staff
Style Form VII - Vaapad,Tràkata, Hybrid-Staff (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, The Jedi Academy Aurochs, WoV
Gender Male
Location Cleveland, OH, USA
Padawans DrinkDrankPunk

— JK13

JK13 is a Staff saberist who has been playing Jedi Knight games for nearly 4 years. A former JAT and current member of The Jedi Academy Aurochs He is acknoledged as a skilled staff saberist who is intensely competitive but always friendly and happy to train others.


JK13 Started playing Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast before the The Jedi Academy opened. Seeing a thread about a school for JK2, and thinking he would like to contribte to the school, he applyed to become a Jedi Academy Trainer thinking he would fail the trial and then be taken as a student (considering applications to become students were closed). His plan backfired, and JK13 became a JAT. JK13 tought blue stance and some simple red stance combos for several months before becoming inactive.

Next Phase of Activity

After JK13 came back from being inactive, he found himself demoted to Student Since his last Activity, jk2 had been patched from v 1.03 to verson 1.04. This patch changed the saber system drastically, removeing throw and arial lunge moves from duels and heavily nerfing the backstab and backslash manuvers. JK13 was crushed, his saber style was completely destroyed, realizing he had to rebuild his style and learn new tactics in stances he rarely ever used, JK13 annoyed anyone he could find to teach him new tactics.

Padawan to Luke Skywalker

One such annoyed person was Jedi Academy Master then Jedi Academy Trainer Luke Skywalker, finally breaking down and taking time to train a noobish JK13, Luke tought JK13 the Foundation skills of his style, the Yellow Scissors, advancing scissors and diagonal swipes. JK13 Improved drastically in the weeks following this training and had a new style, new direction and new skill set. Finding quickly that his Dialup internet was too slow and laggy to be compettive at Jedi Outcast, JK13 gave up the game to have more time in his RL.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Soon though, a new game was relased, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, and JK13 was back to see the new game in action. After playing the demo JK13 was hooked on the star wars action once more, Rejoining The Academy again in the new game. Trying out the new Staff Saber JK13 had fun playing the new game in The Jedi Academy. However, soon the games would take a back seat to Real Life for a while and JK13 became inactive once again for a space of several months.

Return of JK13!

Eventually JK13 returned to his staffing ways, joining the JA server seemingly out of nowhere. Finding the place completely changed, JK13 felt strange not knowing anyone in The JA was a real oddity to him. Attempting to raise his skill with staff saber and make new friends at the same time, JK13 soon befrended players such as Dane, Tido, and Sauce. JK13 also began to learn important skills as he attended JA classes and Practiced his tactics under the tutelage of various players. Eventually JK13 went to PUG tffa with some of his friends form the JA and from this learned an appriciation for servers other than those belonging to The Jedi Academy. From his expierience on pug servers and his other favorite pasttime: watching training demos of more skilled players, JK13 began to develop new and more radical tactics to use in his fighting repertoire, including his style of changing lightsaber stances in the middle of a swing, a tactic he learned from watching the wildly popular Austrian player, eviLwindu. His new tactics combined with strengthing movement skills a patient demeanor Earned JK13 a roster slot on The Jedi Academy Aurochs The competitive fighting team which represents The Jedi Academy.

JK13 Now

Reciently JK13 has been playing too much World of Warcraft, but after achieveing the feat of leveling 2 characters to level 60, JK13 is ready to return to The Jedi Academy Aurochs as an active member and player of JK3.