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KenseiDP Majno.jpg
Saber Single
Style Soresu, Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location United Kingdom
Padawans Wildfire, Senor Hat, BadgerJedi

Kensei has been a Student at the Jedi Academy since mid-2002, but was formerly known as "JamesF1". He is a single sabre user, utilising all three main stances (red, yellow and blue) whilst duelling, making for a varied attack.

Kensei no longer practices JKA but still trains in JK2. He is the former padawan of NoFrikinFun. When NoFrikinFun felt he could no longer honour his duties to his padawans (The Duke, Narsil and Kensei), the three were left to find new masters. Kensei became the padawan of Shannon and, together with Monty, learned much from the then-Jedi Academy Trainer. When Shannon retired to continue his real life career, Kensei was once again found without a master, and still with much to learn. It was during this time that Lord Exar Kun, one of Kensei's mentors at The Jedi Academy, introduced him to SmilyKrazy. After a short assessment period, Kensei became a padawan of SmilyKrazy - and remains a close friend to his master to this day.