Reclamation of Honor

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On February 19th, a band of exiles from the CoF Clan created the Reclamation of Honor. They bestow the tags of RoH. RoH Clan represents and upholds the Core Values: Honor, Respect, Honesty, Humility, Virtue, and Family.

Deeper then that Reclamation of Honor was started as the old clan's foundation started to crumble, and Kenshin was exiled out. Kito, a friend of Kenshin's from the old clan, went with Kenshin. Dusk Thanatos also came; however, he rejoined the old clan, which he later left after RoH was started and well on its way.

Reclamation of Honor means simply reclaiming honor. We the founders and members have honor, this is a regain of honor and stability of the old clan.

Reclamation of Honor is a true online family. We are there for one another, through thick and thin. And we will reclaim the lost honor.

Current Stats

Number of Active Members: 8 (March 28th, 2007)


Kenshin and Kito started the Reclamation of Honor on February 19th 2007. They set out to create a clan in the image of what the old clan was supposed to be, and so it began.

Contact Information

Website: [1]
Council Contact: [2]
Server IP:
Toolbar: -RoH-Clan ToolBar

Life Council Members

Kenshin Mintaka, Kenshin 2

Jedi Knights

Swing Blade