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Saber Single
Style Yellow-Purist (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location UK
Padawans Lirael, Krynn, Majno, Ris Win Juljul, DaMi3N, Beowulf, Dash Starlight, Carrock, Yuken Zalak and Mic Den Octela

Virtue is one of the five Council Members of The Jedi Academy. He joined the Jedi Academy early 2003, and went from the rank of Jedi Academy Knight to becoming a Council Member, an achievement few accomplish.

Virtue is a Yellow-Purist, and teaches Advanced Medium Stance and Co-Op Classes at the JA.

Early days

Running the JASE

Setting JA History

Rise of Chancellor Virtue

The Mighty JA Mapper