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The wall run is a movement techinique that is fairly simple to do. It can be used in most gametypes to move around the map a little quicker. It comes in two forms, horizontal and vertical.


To do the vertical wall run, first you must have a flat wall at a 90 degree angle with the ground. Then you simply run towards the wall, and when you are right next to it, tap the jump button twice, still holding the up button. It is important not to hold the jump button, if you jump too high you will do a Wall Grab instead. After you have started running up the wall, you can either hold the up button until your player automatically jumps off the wall, let go of the up button early to make your player jump off sooner, or tap the jump button, which will make your player jump off the wall a little bit farther.

  • This type of wall run can be used to reach higher places than you could with a regular jump. It comes in especially handy in maps with multiple levels, as you can get to the place you want to go much quicker.


To do the horizontal wall run, you must be running forward, parallel to a flat wall that is at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Then you push and hold the corresponding left or right key. (e.g.) If the wall is to the right of you, push the right key. At the same time, you tap the jump button. You should also keep holding forward. Your player should run up the wall in a matrix style move and then come back down. You can make your player jump off early by tapping the jump button.