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Classes are a type of scheduled events primarily held by Jedi Academy Trainers that focus on providing instruction for students. They are listed on the classes page and can take place only once, weekly or monthly. Classes can be held for groups or individual students.

There are three skill levels for classes held at The Jedi Academy. These levels are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Beginner level classes are intended for those students new to the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game. They provide students with basic knowledge and skills, such as controlling basic swings and performing combos. Intermediate classes build on the Beginner classes and cater for more experienced students with more in-depth knowledge and skills. The Advanced level classes take experienced students out to public servers to put into practice all they have learned inside The Jedi Academy.

Jedi Academy Trainers are the ones that primarily hold classes whereas Jedi Academy Knights provide assistance. In the event that a JAT+ is unable to make it to a class, another JAT+ can cover for this person if he or she has assisted twice in the past. JAKs are also allowed to cover classes, but, following the purge, were not supposed to hold any. However, as the numbers of JATs were slim JAKs were called upon to help out by teaching Beginner level classes.