Dark Rage

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A Dark Jedi using Force Dark Rage
Dark Rage Symbol

Dark Rage is a Dark Side Force Power. When the player activates Dark Rage, he/she will go into a Frenzy for a limited duration, giving the player a few great benefits:

  • Damage is increased dramatically
  • Speed is increased dramatically
  • The player cannot be killed for the duration of Dark Rage (this excludes lava and pits)

But, the power also has negative affects, both during the Rage, as afterwards:

  • The player's health goes down during the Frenzy, untill either Dark Rage is finished, or untill only 1 HP remains
  • When the affects of Dark Rage have worn out, the player receives a speed penalty for a few seconds, in which movement speed is reduced quite a bit. (A flashing Dark Rage symbol will appear in the lower left corner of your screen indicating your suffering from Dark Rage, the symbol will dissapear when the affects are over.)


  • Level 1
    • Cost: 4 Force Points
    • Duration: 10 seconds
    • Effect: 33% faster attack speed, 100% faster movement speed and 100% resistance to damage
  • Level 2
    • Cost: 6
    • Duration: 20 seconds
    • Effect: Same as Level 1
  • Level 3
    • Cost: 8 Force Points
    • Duration: 30 seconds
    • Effect: Same as Level 1

Force Combo's

Dark Rage can be combined with Force Speed for even faster movement, especially great during Capture The Flag matches when you need all the speed you can get to get your teams flag back, or to get the enemy's flag to your teams base.


Because Dark Rage costs a lot of Force Powers to activate, it is likely that there aren't much Force Points left to use on other Powers.

Because of this, Force Mind Trick is a great counter, because the opponent will most likely not be able to turn on Force Seeing to counter this. Now you can just wait till Dark Rage wears off, leaving your opponent on low health, and finish him off.